Workplace eye injuries occur—quite literally—in a blink

From construction workers to first responders to welders, dealing with fogged eyewear is incredibly frustrating. Lens fogging is also a significant safety issue. Anyone working outside in warm weather understands the struggle with fogging eyewear.

Medical Staff

Current market solutions that addresses fog buildup are inadequate and continues to plague medical staff’s vision when wearing such protective gear.

Medical Professionals

Fog buildup affects the working efficiency of medical professionals

In Hospitals

Face shield fogging adds greater liability to a hospitals because of the increased chances of human error

What Leads to an Eyewear Fogging?

  • HEAT: The temperature of the surrounding environment.


  • HUMIDITY: The more moisture in the air, the more likely lenses will fog. High levels of humidity increase fogging problems on hot and humid days


  • HUMAN EXERTION: Working hard causes the body to heat up and produce sweat. The added heat and moisture contribute to lens fogging

Clear the fog to decrease Eye injuries.

Fogging is the number one vision-related barrier to wearing safety eyewear in the work place.

Hot weather can increase the risk or injury.

Professionals who deal with high-heat indoor environments, such as utilities, metal fabrication, and paper mills are more prone to eye injuries